Training / Lessons

Private soccer lessons will help players refine and improve technical soccer skills. The instructor will provide one-on-one-attention and pinpoint new techniques and drills personalized to the player’s needs. We also offer semi-private lessons where two athletes can train with a soccer coach.

All private lessons are one hour each and are delivered by our elite coaches. Private lessons are also available with master coaches—the coach earned a master certification in their sport.  

Age Range  8 & Older

Improve your Skills and Techniques in following areas

Shooting | Volleys  | Free Kicks | Juggling  | Moves  | Dribbling | Heading | Tackling | Kicking  | Ball Control  | Goalkeeping

Improve your Fitness 

Aerobatics  | Plyometrics  | Conditioning  | Speed Training

You can purchase a single private lesson, package, summer  team training,  or group lessons.

Private Lessons Rates (1 athlete to 1 instructor):

Semi-Private Lesson Rates (2 athletes to 1 instructor):

Group Training Lesson Rates (4-8 athletes to 1 instructor):

Summer Team Training Lessons Rates (14-18 athletes to 1 instructor):

Please note, that we are based out of Rocky Hill,CT and only service within 15 mile radius. Anything beyond 15 miles travel, there is an additional $10/5 Miles charge.